Art in the Soviet Union (USSR)

Like all human activities, art was closely linked to the political system inherent to this type of socialism.

Como todas as atividades humanas, a arte encontrava-se enquadrada no sistema político deste tipo de socialismo.

Isaak Israelovich Brodsky (1885-1939)-'Lenin in Smolny'-oil on canvas-1930   Moscow-Tretyakov Gallery

Isaak Israelovich Brodsky (1885-1939)-'Lenin at Putilov factory at May 1917'-oil on canvas-1929

Victor Ivanov-'Vladimir Iliytch Lenin, a volunteer in the Kremlin'-oil on canvas

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin (1878-1939)-'death of a comissary'-oil on canvas-1928   St Petersburg-Russian Museum

Mitrofan Borisovich Martyschenko Grekov (1882-1934)-'trompeter and standard-bearer' -oil on canvas   Moscow-Central museum of Armed Forces

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