England by John Varley Jr

The British John Varley Jr (1850-1933) painted several landscape scenes of various regions of his island.

O Britânico John Varley Jr (1850-1933) pintou diversas paisagens de várias regiões da sua ilha.

John Varley Jr (1850-1933)-'tegwin ferry with snowdon in the distance from Harlech, North Wales'-watercolor and pencil-1812    Private collection

John Varley Jr (1850-1933)-'Hackney church'-oil on canvas

John Varley Jr (1850-1933)-'nine elms and Chelsea from Vauxhall, London'-watercolor and pencil    Private collection

John Varley Jr (1850-1933)-'Valle Crucis Abbey, North Wales'-watercolor and pencil    Private collection

John Varley Jr (1850-1933)-'a view of the Thames looking towards Batersea'-oil on canvas    Private collection

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