London by Jan Griffier I

The Dutch Baroque painter Jan Griffier I (ca 1646-1719) was very active during his stay in London.

O pintor barroco Holandês Jan Griffier I (ca 1646-1719) esteve muito ativo durante a sua permanência em Londres.

Jan Griffier I (ca 1646-1719)-'view of London'-oil on canvas

Jan Griffier I (ca 1646-1719)-Covent Garden'-oil on canvas   London-Bank of England

Jan Griffier I (ca 1646-1719)-'the Thames during the great frost of 1739'-oil on canvas

Jan Griffier I (ca 1646-1719)-'the great fire of London in the year 1666'

Jan Griffier I (ca 1646-1719)-'Hampton Court Palace'-oil on copper-ca 1710   London-Tate Gallery

Jan Griffier I (ca 1646-1719)-'leaving for the hunt on the outskirts of London'-oil on canvas

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