Sites of Italy and England by Pietro Fabris

The Italian painter Pietro Fabris (1754-1804) left works related to his activity on the excavations of Pompeii and on his passage by Great-Britain, among others.

O pintor Italiano Pietro Fabris (1754-1804) deixou obras relacionadas com a sua atividade nas escavações de Pompeia e na sua passagem pela Grã-Bretanha e outras.

Pietro Fabris (1754-1804)-'ferry over the Volturno, near Caiazzo'

Pietro Fabris (1754-1804)-'the temple of Hera at Paestum, Italy'

Pietro Fabris (1754-1804)-'Old Whitehall and privy gardens'

Pietro Fabris (1754-1804)-'a view of Palermo from the Sea with the Marino and fashionable folk promenading'

Pietro Fabris (1754-1804)-'excavation of the temple of Isis at Pompeii'-gouache   in William Hamilton; Campi Phlegraei: observation on the vulcanoes of Two Sicilies, as they have been communicated to the Royal Society of London, Naples (1776-1779)

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