Everyday motifs by James Collinson

James Collinson (1825-1881), an English artist from the Victorian Age, painted daily events of his time.

Inglês da época vitoriana James Collinson (1825-1881) pintou acontecimentos do quotidiano do seu tempo.

James Collinson (1825-1881)-'mother and child by a stile, with Culver Cliff, Island of Wight, in the distance'-oil on panel-(1849-1850)    New Haven (Connecticut)-Yale Centre for British Art
James Collinson (1825-1881)-'the empty purse'-oil on canvas    London-Tate Gallery

 James Collinson (1825-1881)-'the charity boy's debut'-oil on canvas

 James Collinson (1825-1881)-'temptation'-oil on canvas-1885    Private collection

 James Collinson (1825-1881)-'boys at a roadside alehouse'-oil on canvas-1849    London-Leicester Galleries  

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