Rural and religious affairs by Pedro Orrente

The Spanish painter Pedro Orrente (1580-1645) devoted himself mainly to works of a religious nature.

O pintor Espanhol Pedro Orrente (1580-1645) dedicou-se principalmente a obras de carácter religioso.

Pedro Orrente (1580-1645)-'return to the fold'-oil on canvas    Madrid-Museo del Prado

Pedro Orrente (1580-1645)-'a horse with pots of copper and clay'-oil on canvas    Madrid-Museo del Prado

Pedro Orrente (1580-1645)-'the supper of Emmaus'-oil on canvas-ca 1620    Budapest-Szépmuveszet Muzeum

Pedro Orrente (1580-1645)-'miracle of the loaves and fishes'-oil on canvas    St Petersburg-Hermitage
Pedro Orrente (1580-1645)-'a donkey and a sheep'-oil on canvas    Madrid-Museo del Prado

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