Europe by Filippo Baratti

Filippo Baratti (1849-1936) was born in Trieste at the time when the city was joining the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As an Orientalist he visited Spain and North Africa. In the 1880s he settled temporarily in London.

Nasceu Filippo Baratti (1849-1936) em Trieste na época em que a cidade se integrava no Império Austro-húngaro. Como Orientalista visitou a Espanha e o Norte de África. Na década de 1880 instalou-se temporariamente em Londres.

Filippo Baratti (1849-1936)-'market day in Spain'-oil on canvas

Filippo Baratti (1849-1936)-'gunsmiths at the palace of Alhambra, Granada'-oil on canvas

Filippo Baratti (1849-1936)-'Waterloo place'-oil on canvas

Filippo Baratti (1849-1936)-'view of Whitehall'-oil on canvas-1884

Filippo Baratti (1849-1936)-'the Life-guard passing Hyde Park Corner'-oil on canvas    Private collection

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