The life of Mohammed (570-638)

As a religious leader, Abraham, Ismael, David, Moses and Jesus preceded Muhammad as Prophet. Politically, he unified several Arab tribes.

Como dirigente religioso: Abraão, Ismael, David, Moisés e Jesus precederam Maomé como Profeta. Politicamente, unificou várias tribos Árabes.

Anonymous-'Mohammed visiting Paradise while riding Buraq, accompanied by the Angel Gabriel' miniature on vellum        Paris-BNF ms Miraj Nama

Anonymous-'Mohammed meets the Prophet Ismael, Is-hak and Lot in Paradise' miniature on vellum    Paris-BNF ms Apocalypse of Mohammed 1436 (Herat Afganistan)

Anonymous-'Mohammed receiving his first Revelation from the Angel Gabriel'-miniature on vellum    Edinburgh-University Library (Rashid al-Din; Jam'al Tawarik, Tabriz 1307)

Anonymous-'Mohammed preaching his final sermon to his earliest converts, on Mount Ararat near Mecca'-miniature on vellum      Paris-BNF ms Arab (Persian) 1489, fol. 5v

Anonymous-'the night journey of Mohammed on the steed, Buraq Bustan of Saedi'  miniature on vellum-1514 (Bukhar in Uzbekistan)    New York-Metropolitan Museum of Art  

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