Claude Deruet’s paintings

The French Baroque painter Claude Deruet (1588-1660) learned from Jacques Bellange and had Claude Lorrain (1623) as an apprentice. He spent several years in Rome (1610-1619).

O pintor barroco Francês Claude Deruet (1588-1660) aprendeu com Jacques Bellange e teve Claude Lorrain (1623) como aprendiz. Permaneceu vários anos em Roma (1610-1619).

Claude Deruet (1588-1660)-'allegory of the peace treaty of the Pyrenees (7.XI.1659)'-oil on canvas-1659    Versailles-Musée du Châteaux et des Trianons

Claude Deruet (1588-1660)-'Fire (Four Elements)'-oil on canvas-ca 1642    Orléans-Musée des Beaux-Arts

Claude Deruet (1588-1660)-'Water (Four Elements)'-oil on canvas

Claude Deruet (1588-1660)-'the battle between the Amazons and Greeks'-oil on canvas

Claude Deruet (1588-1660)-'the departure of the Amazons'-oil on canvas-1620    New York-Metropolitan Museum of Art

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