Food by Wolfgang Heimbach

The German Wolfgang Heimbach (1620-1679) devoted himself largely to the problem of food.

O Alemão Wolfgang Heimbach (1620-1679) dedicou-se, em grande parte, ao problema da alimentação.

Wolfgang Heimbach (1620-1679)-'elegant wedding party'-oil on canvas
 Wolfgang Heimbach (1620-1679)-'kitchen'-oil on canvas
Wolfgang Heimbach (1620-1679)-'woman looking at a table'-oil on canvas

 Wolfgang Heimbach (1620-1679)-'nocturnal banquet'-oil on canvas    Wien-Kunsthistorische

 Wolfgang Heimbach (1620-1679)-'the invalid'-oil on copper-1662   Hamburg-Kunsthalle
 Wolfgang Heimbach (1620-1679)-'interior of an inn with men dining'-oil on canvas

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