Naples People by Pietro Fabris

Sir William Hamilton, English ambassador in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, commissioned and used in his books about Naples and its famous surroundings some of the works of Pietro Fabris (1754-1804).

Sir William Hamilton, embaixador Inglês no Reino das Duas Sicílias, encomendou e utilizou nos seus livros sobre Nápoles e arredores famosos alguns dos trabalhos de Pietro Fabris (1754-1804).

Pietro Fabris (1754-1804)-'Naples, a view of the Strada di Santa Lucia from Pizzofalcone to the Ponte della Maddalena'-oil on canvas

Pietro Fabris (1754-1804)-'the bay of Naples from Posillippo, Italy'-oil on canvas

Pietro Fabris (1754-1804)-'Naples from the west with peasants gaming'-oil on canvas

Pietro Fabris (1754-1804)-'the festival of the Madonna dell' Arco, Naples'-oil on canvas

Pietro Fabris (1754-1804)-'Tree of Plenty, erected at Largo di Castello before Charles III of Bourbon's departure for Spain in 1759'-oil on canvas

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