Paths taken by Carl Wilhelm Hübner

In 1837 aged 23 he joined the Düsseldorf Academy of Painting (Düsseldorfer Kunst Akademie). The historical period he lived in was a major concern for the German Carl Wilhelm Hübner (1814-1879).

Em 1837 com 23 anos entrou para a Academia de Pintura de Düsseldorf (Düsseldorfer Kunst Akademie). A sua época foi uma das grandes preocupações do Alemão Carl Wilhelm Hübner (1814-1879).

Carl Wilhelm Hübner (1814-1879)-'a toast to the engaged couple'-oil on canvas

 Carl Wilhelm Hübner (1814-1879-'the Silesian weaver'-oil on canvas

 Carl Wilhelm Hübner (1814-1879)-'the first snow'-oil on canvas
 Carl Wilhelm Hübner (1814-1879)-'maternal pride'-oil on canvas

Carl Wilhelm Hübner (1814-1879)-'mourning their loss'-oil on canvas

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