European revolutions 1848

Due to the great wave of social unrest, the year 1848 was named “the year of revolutions” or “the Spring of Nations or Peoples”.

Devido à grande onda de agitações sociais, o ano de 1848 recebeu a denominação de “ano das revoluções” ou “Primavera das Nações ou dos Povos”.

Otto Bache (1839-1927)-'Danish soldiers return to Copenhagen'-oil on canvas-1894    Hillerod-Fredericksborg Castle (Museum of National History)

Jakobey Károly (1825-1891)-'battle of Buda'-oil on canvas

Jan Lewicki (1795-1871)-'massacre of the Polish notable by Polish peasants in Galicia'-oil on canvas-ca 1871    Warsaw-Polish Army Museum

Mór Than (1825-1899)-'Hungarian hussards in battle of Tápióbicske'-oil on canvas

German anonymous (19th century)-'Berlin March revolution'-oil on canvas

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