The pictorial representations of interior scenes depend not only on the School to which the artist belongs, but also on the quality of people and ornaments.

As representações pictóricas de cenas de interiores dependem não só da escola a que pertence o artista plástico, mas também da qualidade das pessoas e adereços.

John S. C. Schaak (active Westminster 1761-1769)-'a tavern interior with a gentleman being served by a maid in the foreground, an army officer and other figures in a kitchen beyond'-oil on panel-1762

William James Müller (1812-1845)-'the drawing room at Fontainebleau'-watercolor-1845

Charles Essenhigh Corke (1852-1922)-'drawing room of the old family Austen house, Sevenoaks'-watercolor-1905

Henry Townley Green (1836-1899)-'a young woman seated in a kitchen interior'-1895

Circle of Jan Miense Molenaer (ca 1609-1668)-'two peasants in a kitchen interior with a pig's carcass hanging nearby'-oil on panel

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