19th century family

In the 19th century countless painters of different nationalities showed the family as the basic cell of human society.

No séc. XIX inúmeros pintores de diversas nacionalidades mostraram a família como célula básica da sociedade humana.

Jan Varenbergh (19th century) 'genre scene'-oil on wood

Aren Bakker (1805-1943)-'a happy family'-oil on wood-1840

David Wilkie (1785-1841)-'the first earring'-oil on wood-1835    London-Tate Gallery

Attr. Pierre Alexandre Wille (1748-1821)-'rustic interior with a young mother breastfeeding'-oil on wood-1821

Lajos Bruck (1846-1910)-'homecoming'-oil on canvas-1910

Wilhelm Roegge (1829-1908)-'grandfather's favourite'-oil on canvas

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