Deutsches Historisches Museum (Berlin)

The Deutsches Historisches Museum, based in Berlin, has several paintings that do not relate to the history of Germany.

O Deutsches Historisches Museum, sediado em Berlim, possui diversas pinturas que não se prendem com a história Alemã.

Frans Francken (II) (1581-1642)-'the seven works of Mercy'-oil on canvas

Peter Jakob Horemans (1700-1776)-'peasants pay the maner Lord their rent in kind'-oil on canvas-1767

Heinrich Lucas Arnold (1815- )-'the reading cabinet'-oil on canvas

Friedrich Friedländer (1825-1901)-'the pawshop'-oil on canvas-1866

Carl Stilling (1874-1938)-«the forge'-oil on canvas-1909

Eduard Krause-Wichmann (1864-1928)-'founding'-oil on canvas-1900

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