Great Britain by John Ritchie

The British John Ritchie (active 1858-1875) painted motifs related to the customs of his time.

O Britânico John Ritchie (active 1858-1875) pintou temas relacionados com os costumes da sua época.

John Ritchie (active 1858-1875)-'Christmas day'-oil on canvas  

John Ritchie (active 1858-1875)-'a winter's day in St James's Park'-oil on canvas      Private collection

John Ritchie (active 1858-1875)-'the sail of the Captains goods in auction in the grounds of a country house'-oil on canvas-1875     Private collection

John Ritchie (active 1858-1875)-'village cricket'-oil on canvas  

John Ritchie (active 1858-1875)-'riding in rotten row, Hyde Park'-oil on canvas      Private collection

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