Hungarian battles in Magyar Nemzeti Galéria (Buda castle)

Like many other European countries, in the 2nd millennium of our era, Hungary suffered several invasions and many decisive battles to get its independence.

A Hungria, como tantos outros países Europeus, sofreu no II milénio da nossa era diversas invasões e muitas batalhas decisivas para a sua independência.

Károly Kisfaludy (1788-1830)-Prince Ladislaus (I, the Saint) at the battle near Cserhalom (1070)'-oil on canvas-(1826-1830)

Joszef Molnar (1821-1899)-'Charles Robert d'Anjou fleeing from the battle of Posada (1330)'-oil on canvas-1855

Joszef Borsos (1812-1885)-'battle of Mohács in 1526'-oil on canvas-1837

Soma Orial Petrich (1822-1880)-'Ms. Perényi gathering the dead after the battle of Mohács'-oil on canvas-ca 1860

Johann Peter Krafft (1780-1856)-'Zrinyl's charge from the fortress of Szigetvar'-oil on canvas-1825

Pál Vágó (1853-1928)-'the Hungarians at Kiev'-oil on canvas-1885

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