Medieval Christian pilgrims

One of the medieval characteristics of Middle Age Christians is their willingness to visit the Holy places of their religion, may these be in Jerusalem, Santiago de Compostela or in less known places. There were written route guides and some assistance was provided to pilgrims. Several journey reports were left by these pilgrims.

Uma das características medievais dos Cristãos da Idade Média reside na vontade de visitar os lugares Santos da sua religião, fossem em Jerusalém, em Santiago de Compostela ou noutro local menos conhecido. Escreveram guias sobre o percurso, havia alguma assistência aos peregrinos e vários deixaram relatos.

Anonymous (15th century)-'John Lindgate and pilgrims on the road to Canterbury'-miniature    London-British Library Royal ms 18 D II, fol. 148 (the siege of Thebes, 1455-1462)

Anonymous (15th century)-'legend of St James the Greather: the arrival of the pilgrims at the lodging-house'-oil on wood-(1575-1485)    Hungarian altarpiece
Anonymous (15th century)-'St Mary Magdalene and pilgrims'-miniature    Paris-BNF FR ms 50, fol 342 (Speculum Historiale, 1463)

Anonymous (15th century)-'pilgrims meeting St Peter'-miniature    Paris-BNF FR ms 50, fol 342v (Speculum Historiale, 1463)

Friedrich Herlin (1435-1500)-'meal of Compostela pilgrimage'-oil on wood-(1462-1465)

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