After centuries of victories in Europe and Asia, the Ottoman Empire collapsed in the 20th century due to external and internal defeats.

O Império Otomano, depois de séculos de vitórias na Europa e Ásia, soçobrou no século XX devido a derrotas externas e internas.

Jan van Huchtenburg (1647-1733)-'Prince Eugen of Savoy capture Belgrade on 16 August 1717'-oil on canvas-1720   Berlin-Deutches Historiches Museum

Carl Spitzberg (1808-1885)-'Turks in a coffee house'-oil on canvas-ca 1885    München-Schackgalerie

Gyula Benczur (1844-1920)-'the recapture of Buda Castle in 1686'-oil on canvas-1896    Budapest-Hungarian National Gallery

Anonimous-'Pasha of Buda receives the envoy of the Ottoman Sultan'

Anonimous-'Turkish soldiers in Ottoman Hungary'

Anonimous (29th century)-'coffee shop in Ottoman Hungary'    from Hegyi, Klare-Zimany, The Ottomane Empire in Eurtope, Budapest (1986),  plate 161

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