Viktor Madarász in Magyar Nemzeti Galéria (Buda castle)

The Hungarian artist Viktor Madarász (1840-1917) painted many historical motifs from his country, some of which are displayed in the gallery of the Buda Castle.

O Húngaro Viktor Madarász (1840-1917) pintou diversos temas históricos do seu país, alguns dos quais se encontram na Galeria do Castelo de Buda.

Viktor Madarász (1840-1917)-'Peter Zrinyl and Ferenc Frangepán in the Wiener-Neustadt prison'-oil on canvas-1864

Viktor Madarász (1840-1917)-'Kuricz and Labane'-oil on canvas-1868

Viktor Madarász (1840-1917)-'Ilona Zrinyl in the Fortress of Munkács (Ilona Zrinyl before the judges)'-oil on canvas-1859

Viktor Madarász (1840-1917)-'the dream of an exile'-oil on canvas-1856

Viktor Madarász (1840-1917)-'Felicián Zach'-oil on canvas-1858

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