Dutch pipe smokers

According to several contemporary painters, the Dutch have smoked pipe tobacco since the 16th century.

De acordo com vários pintores contemporâneos, os holandeses fumam cachimbo desde o séc. XVI.

Dirck Hals (1591-1656)-'gentlemen smoking and playing backgammon in an interior'-oil on canvas

Cornelis Dusart (1660-1704)-'a tavern scene'-oil on canvas    Budapest-Szépmusvészeti Múzeum

Dirck Hals (1591-1656)-'merry party in a tavern'-oil on panel-1628    St Petersburg-Hermitage

Jacob Duck (1600-1667)-'guardroom with soldiers playing cards'-oil on canvas    Budapest-Szépmusvészeti Múzeum

Frans Hals (1582-1666)-'smokers'-oil on wood-ca 1625    New York-Metropolitan Museum of Art

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