Rome by Antonio Joli

Until the invasion of Rome by the Piedmontese army in 1870, numerous painters worked in the Papal city.

Até à invasão de Roma pelo exército Piemontês em 1870, trabalhavam na cidade Papal numerosos pintores.

Antonio Joli (1700-1777)-'view of the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine'-oil on canvas-(1747-1748) Private collection

Antonio Joli (1700-1777)-'view of the Tiber, Rome'-oil on canvas-ca 1745    Leeds-City Art Gallery

Antonio Joli (1700-1777)-'Rome, a view of the Forum'-oil on canvas    Private collection

Antonio Joli (1700-1777)-'visit of Queen Maria Amalia of Saxony at the Arch of Trajan'-oil on canvas-1759  

Antonio Joli (1700-1777)-'Piazza Navona'-oil on canvas

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