Joy is the external manifestation of the inner well-being of a person or several, gathered in pleasant friendship.

A alegria é manifestação exterior de bem-estar interior de uma pessoa ou de várias reunidas para amena convivência.

Louis Charles Moeller (1856-1930)-'tea party'-oil on canvas-1905    Private collection

Wojciech Gerson (1831-1901)-'the shepherds concert'-oil on canvas-1862    Warsaw-Royal Museum

François-Auguste Biard (1799-1882)-'triumph of a tenor in a musical morning'-oil on canvas    Private collection

Otto Wilhelm Eduard Erdmann (1834-1905)-'in the music room of a noble house'-oil on panel

Richard Brakenburg (1650-1702)-'feast of St Nicholas'-oil on canvas-1685       Amsterdam-Amstelkring Museum

Pehr Hilleström (1732-1816)-'convivial scene in a peasants cottage'-oil on canvas    Stockholm-National Museum

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