Eleusis Mysteries

The Eleusinian mysteries were associated with the cult of Demeter and his daughter Persephone and with the dissemination of agriculture. They were part of the small batch of the most famous in antiquity.

Os mistérios de Elêusis estavam ligados ao culto de Démeter e de sua filha Perséfone e
à divulgação da agricultura. Pertenciam ao pequeno lote dos mais famosos da Antiguidade.

Henryk Hector Siemiradsky (1847-1902)-'Phrine the Poseidon's celebration in Eleusis'-oil on canvas-1889

Nikolay Pavlenko (1031- )-'Phrine the Poseidon's celebration in Eleusis'-oil on canvas (cópia de H. H. Siemiradsky)-oil on canvas

William Miller (1796-1882) after H. W. William ( - )-'Eleusis and part of the island of Salamis'-engraving

Carl Rottmann (1797-1850)-'Eleusis'-oil on canvas-1843    München-Neue Pinakothek

Anonymous (4th century BCE)-'elements of the Eleusinian mysteries'-Attic votive plaque    Athens-National Archaeological Museum

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