Shiva family

The divine family of Shiva is composed of Parvati, his wife, and Subramanya and Ganesha, his two sons. There is perfect harmony among all.

Constituem a divina família de Shiva: Parvati, sua mulher, Subramanya e Ganesha, seus dois filhos. Existe perfeita harmonia entre todos.

Anonymous-'Shiva family'-sculpture   Murudeshwar-Temple entrance

Anonymous (18th century)-'Shiva and his family on mount Kailasa with a deputation of gods and holy men asking Shiva to help them destroy the demon Taraka'-illustration

Anonymous-'Ganesha'-watercolor on wood-1810    Los Angeles-County Museum of Art

Anonymous (18th century)-'Shiva family'-watercolor    Mombay-Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Anonymous (18th century)-'the Holy family Shiva, Parvati, with their sons'-watercolor on paper-ca 1750         New Delhi-National Museum

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