Spanish Gypsies by John Phillip

During his stay in Spain the Scottish artist John Phillip (1817-1867) painted various motifs related to Rom people, better known as Gypsies.

Durante a sua permanência em Espanha pintou o Escocês John Phillip (1817-1867) diversos motivos relacionados com o Povo Roma, mais conhecido por Ciganos.

John Phillip (1817-1867)-'Fortune teller'-oil on canvas-1851    Brighton-Hove Museums and Art Galleries  

 John Phillip (1817-1867)-'Gypsy musicians of Spain (Spanish minstrels)'-oil on canvas    Aberdeen-Art Gallery and Museums

John Phillip (1817-1867)-'the water drinkers'-oil on canvas-1863    Sheffield-Museums

John Phillip (1817.1867)-'Gypsy and girl'-oil on canvas    Private collection

John Phillip (1817-1867)-'evil eye'-oil on canvas-1852    

 John Phillip (1817-1867)-'the castanet player'-oil on canvas-1854  

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