Pallas Athena and the olive tree

Pseudo-Apollodorus (second century BC) in the work ‘Mythological Library’ (3.14.1) informs that Pallas Athena took possession of the city of Athens because Zeus considered that the planting of an olive tree in the Acropolis was more important than the fountain created by Poseidon.

Pseudo-Apolodoro (séc. II aC) informa na obra Biblioteca Mitológica (3.14.1) que Pallas Athena tomou posse da cidade de Atenas porque Zeus considerou que a plantação duma oliveira na acrópole era mais importante que a fonte criada por Posídon.

Anonymous painter-'Athena and Cecrops'-Athenian-amphora-(red-figure)-ca 400 BC    Eichenzell-Fasanerie orAdolphseck Schloss (AV 345)

Python potter, Douris painter-'Athena and Heracles'-attic-kylix-(red-figure)-(480-470 BC)-from Vulci    München-Staatsliche Antikensammlungen (Munich 2648)

Anonymous painter-'Athena's contest'-attic-hydria-(red-figure)-4th century    St Petersburg-Hermitage

René-Gabriel Ojéda ( - )-'Athena's contest'-bronze plaque    Écouen (château Montmorency)-Musée National de la Rennaissance

Anonymous-'owl standing on amphora, all surrounded by a wrath of olive leaves'-reverse silver tetradrachm from Athens (200-150 BC)    Paris-BNF (Cabinet des Médailles)

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