Royal collection

The painting collection of the British Royal Family, comprising works from several centuries and painters from different nationalities, is exposed in London and Windsor.

A coleção de pintura da família Real britânica, constituída por obras de vários séculos e de pintores de diversas nacionalidades, encontra-se exposta em Londres e Windsor.

Annibale Carracci (1560-1609)-'an allegory of Truth and Time'-oil on canvas-(1584-1585)

Pieter de Hooch (1629-1684)-'card players in a sunlit room'-oil on canvas-1658

Peter Paul Rubens (1572-1657) and Frans Snyder (1579-1657)-'Pythagoras advocating vegetarianism'-oil on canvas-(1618-1630)

Claude Gelée, called Lorain (ca 1604-1682)-'coast scene with the rape of Europa'-oil on canvas-1667

Luca Giordano (1612-1705)-'Psyche's parents offering sacrifice to Apollo'-oil on copper-(1692-1702)

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