Assorted paintings

A group of randomly selected paintings shows the diversity of themes used in various situations and places.

Um grupo de pinturas escolhido ao acaso mostra a diversidade de temas usados em diversas situações e locais.  

Giovanni Paolo Pannini (1691-1765)-'view of the roman forum'-oil on canvas-1747    Mount Vernon (Maryland)-Walters Art Museum

Giuseppe Zocchi (1716-1767)-'view of the Arno in Florence'-oil on canvas       Private collection

Hugo Joseph Heikenwalder (20-21th century)-'Vienna Opera House 1917'

Michele Giovanni Marieski (1710-1743)-'view of Campo SS Giovanni e Paolo, Venice' Private collection

Conrad Schnuphaseim (17th century)-'view of the city Hersfeld'-1696    Bad Hersfeld-Stadtmusem

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