Difficulties by Thomas Brooks

The difficulties experienced by humans were worried the British Thomas Brooks (1818-1891) in his paintings.

As dificuldades experimentadas pelos seres humanos foram preocupação do britânico Thomas Brooks (1818-1891) nas suas pinturas.

Thomas Brooks (1818-1891)-'relenting: the silence of pure innocense persuades, where speaking fails()the winter's tale'-oil on canvas-1855    Private collection

Thomas Brooks (1818-1891)-'the life boat going to the rescue'-oil on canvas-1861    Bristol-Museum and Art Gallery

Thomas Brooks (1818-1891)-'mother and child by the seaside'-oil on canvas-1869    Private collection

Thomas Brooks (1818-1891)-'Grace Darling'-oil on canvas    Bamburg (Northumberland)- Grace Darling Museum

Thomas Brooks (1818-1891)-'the pastor's visit'-oil on canvas-1850    Birkenhead (UK)-Williamson Art Gallery

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