Italian motifs by Paul Bril

The Flemish Paul Bril (ca 1554-1628), who was born in Antwerp and died in Rome, left, along with his brother Mattheus, paintings of Italian places and mythological motifs.

O flamengo Paul Bril (ca 1554-1628), nascido em Antuérpia e falecido em Roma, deixou, conjuntamente com seu irmão Mattheus, pinturas sobre locais italianos e motivos mitológicos.

Paul Bril (ca 1554-1628) and Mattheus Bril (1550-1583)-'view of  Bracciano'-oil on canvas    Adelaide-Art Gallery of South Australia

Paul Bril (ca 1554-1628)-'the Campo Vaccino with a gypsy woman reading a palm'-oil on copper-1603    Private collection

Paul Bril (ca 1554-1628)-'the sanctuary of Montevergine'-fresco    Città del Vaticano-Sala del Consistorio

Paul Bril (ca 1554-1628)-'view of the temple of Sibyl'-oil on canvas-1595   Roma-Galleria Borghese

Paul Bril (ca 1554-1628)-'Feudo di Rocca Sinibalda'-oil on canvas-1601    Roma-Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica

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