USA - two centuries

Numerous Americans painters performed art works where they showed the course of life in the USA, particularly in the nineteenth century.

Numerosos pintores norte-americanos elaboraram obras onde mostram como se processou a vida nos EUA, nomeadamente no século XIX.

Henry Mosler (1841-1920)-'quilting bee'-oil on canvas-1916     Private collection

Enoch Wood Perry (1831-1913)-'women weaving baskets'-oil on canvas

Eastman Johnson (1824-1906)-'Negro life at the South'-oil on canvas-1859

Thompson H. Matteson (1813-1884)-'hop picking'-oil on canvas-1862

Eastman Johnson (1824-1906)-'a ride for liberty-the fugitive slaves'-oil on paper board    New York-Brooklyn Museum

John Lewis Krimmel (1786-1821)-'the quilting frolic'--oil on canvas-1813    Wintherthur-Kunstmuseum

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