Barbarians’ sacks of Rome

At the end of the Roman Empire the barbarians invaded Rome: the Visigoths of Alaric in 410, the Vandals of Genseric in 455 AD.

No final do Império Romanos os bárbaros invadiram Roma: os visigodos de Alarico em 410, os vândalos de Genserico em 455 AD.

Karl Pavlovich Briullov (1799-1852)-'sacking Rome by Genseric 455'-oil on canvas-ca 1835    Moscow-Tretiakov Gallery

Anonymous (15th century)-'the conquest of Rome by Alaric the visigoth in 410'-French miniature

Maître François (15th century)-'Pope Leo the Great attemps persuades Genseric prince of Vandals to abstain from sacking Rome'-vellum miniature-ca 1475    from Augustine; City of God, vol. I

Joseph-Noël Sylvestre (1847-1926)-'the sack of Rome by the visigoths on 24 August 410'-oil on canvas

Heinrich Leutemann (1824-1904)-'sack of Vandals 455'-steel engraving-(1860-1880)

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