Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire or Eastern Roman Empire established its headquarters in Constantinople after the collapse of its counterpart in the West (5th century) and lasted until the invasion of the capital by the Ottomans in 1453.

O Império Bizantino ou Império Romano do Oriente instalou sua sede em Constantinopla depois do colapso do seu homólogo do Ocidente (séc. V) e durou até à invasão da capital pelos Otomanos em 1453.

John William Waterhouse (1849-1917)-'the favourites of the emperor Honorius'-oil on canvas-1883

Valentine Cameron Prinseps (1838-1904)-'the Byzantine emperor Theophilus chooses Theodora as his empress over Kassiane in a bride show (829 AD)'-oil on canvas-1889

Vasily Sergeevich Smirnov (1858-1890)-'morning entrance of Byzantine empress to the tomb of her ancestors'-oil on canvas-ca 1880

Anonymous (6th century)-'emperor Justinian and bishop Maximian of Ravenna surrounded by clerics and soldiers'-mosaic    Ravenna-Basilica di San Vitale

Alexandre Jean-Baptiste Hesse (1806-1879)-'Godfroy of Bouillon before de Byzantine emperor Alexius Comnenus in Constantinople (1097)'-oil on canvas

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