Hermitage Museum paintings

It is situated on the banks of the Neva River, in the Russian city of St. Peter (St Petersburg), and it is one of the most fabulous art museums in the world.

Situa-se numa das margens do rio Neva, na cidade russa de São Pedro (St Petersburg), um dos mais fabulosos museus de arte existentes em todo o mundo.

Adolf Alexander Dillenms (1831-1877)-'capture of Joan of Arch'-oil on panel-(1847-1852)

Daniel Hermann Anton Melby (1818-1875)-sea at night'-oil on canvas-1865

Allaert Van Everdingen (1621-1675)-'Scandinavian landscape'-oil on canvas-1647

Aert van der Neer (1604-1677)-'landscape with windmill'-oil on panel-ca 1646

August Xavber KLarl von Pettenkofen (1822-1889)-'gipsy children'-oil on panel-1855

Albert Edelfelt (1854-1905)-'laundress'-oil on canvas-1893

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