Imperial Roman frescoes

In the National Archaeological Museum of Naples there are numerous frescoes taken from archaeological sites buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.

No Museu Arqueológico Nacional de Nápoles existem, numerosos frescos retirados das zonas arqueológicas soterradas pela erupção do Vesúvio em 79 AD.

Unknown (1th century AD)-'Theseus Liberator'-fresco    Napoli-Museo Archeologico Nazionale (from Pompeii- house of Gavius Rufus)

Unknown (1th century AD)-'Alcestis and Admetus'-fresco    Napoli-Museo Archeologico Nazionale (from Erculano-basilica)

Unknown (1th century AD)-'scene of the scouring and the end of the Dionysus rite'-fresco    Napoli-Museo Archeologico Nazionale (from Villa dei Misteri, near Pompeii-penultimate sequence)

Unknown (1th century AD)-'a teacher, a young man and a woman'-fresco    Napoli-Museo Archeologico Nazionale (from Villa di Boscoreale, near Napoli-great triclinium)

Unknown (1th century AD)-'garden'-fresco    Napoli-Museo Archeologico Nazionale (from Villa di Oplontis, near Torre Annunziata-house of Poppea Sabina, second wife of the emperor Nero)

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