London Microcosm (1808-1810)

Rudolf Ackermann (1764-1834) published in 3 volumes (1808-1810) hundreds of engravings with London sites, performed by well-known artists like Thomas Rowlands and others.

Rudolf Ackermann (1764-1834) publicou (1808-1810) em 3 volumes centenas de gravuras com locais de Londres, executados por artistas consagrados como Thomas Rowlands e outros.

Various Artists-'Royal Geographic Society'-aquatint engraving

V.A.-'Drury Lane Theatre-aquatint engraving '

V.A.-'exhibition of water coloured drawings-Old Bond Street'-aquatint engraving

V.A.-'St Martin's in the Fields'-aquatint engraving

V.A.-'the Great Hall-Bank of England'-aquatint engraving

V.A.-'House of Lords'-aquatint engraving

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