British scenes by Daniel Maclise

The British painter Daniel Maclise (1811-1870) was concerned with cultural and historical themes from the UK.

O pintor britânico Daniel Maclise (1811-1870) preocupou-se com temas culturais e históricos do Reino Unido.

Daniel Maclise (1811-1870)-'the trial of William Wallace at Westminster'-oil on canvas-ca 1870

Daniel Maclise (1811-1870)-'Henry's first interview with Anne Boleign'-oil on canvas-1836    Private collection

Daniel Maclise (1811-1870)-'marriage of Storngbow and Aoife'-oil on canvas

Daniel Maclise (1811-1870)-'snap-apple night'-oil on canvas-1833    Private collection

Daniel Maclise (1811-1870)-'Caxton showing the first specimen of his printing to king Edward IV at the Almory, Westminster'-1851

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