Europe by William Pars

The Englishman William Pars (1742-1782) traveled in Europe with the purpose of creating paintings of the places he visited.

O inglês William Pars (1742-1782) viajou por parte da Europa com a finalidade de elaborar pinturas dos locais visitados.

William Pars (1742-1782)-'a view near Cluse in Savoy'-graphite, watercolor and ink on paper    London-Tate Gallery

William Pars (1742-1782)-'the glacier of Grindelwald'     London-British Museum

William Pars (1742-1782)-'Rhone glacier'-oil on canvas    London-Victoria and Albert Museum

William Pars (1742-1782)-'the entrance to the Grotto of Posillipo'-watercolor over pencil-1781    Birmingham-Museum and Art Gallery

William Pars (1742-1782)-'Chamonix valley'-oil on canvas    London-British Museum

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