Village feast (16-17th century)

Their purpose is to point out ceremonies intended to commemorate events of a secular or religious nature.

Têm a finalidade de assinalar solenidades destinadas a comemorar acontecimentos de carácter profano ou religioso.

Joachim Beucklaer (1573-1574)-'village feast'-oil on canvas transfered from wood    St Petersburg-Hermitage

Jacob Jordaens (1593-1678)-'the feast of the bean king'-oil on canvas    Wien-Kunsthistoriches Museum

Hendrik van Balen the elder (1575-1632)-'the winter feast, gathering at the Bavarian State Palace'-oil on panel-1632

Hans Bol (1534-1593)-'village feast (annual fair)'-oil on panel    Antwerp-Kockox House

Marten van Cleve (1527-1581)-'a country peasant wedding feast or feast day'-oil on canvas-1566    Wien-Kunsthistoriches Museum

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