London by Thomas Bowles

The British artist Thomas Bowles (1712-1767) painted many places in London, using oil, which would integrate his work 'View of London, 1794'.

O britânico Thomas Bowles (1712-1767) pintou a óleo diversos locais de Londres que integraram o seu trabalho ‘View of London, 1794’.

Thomas Bowles (1712-1767)-‘the South West Prospect of London, from Somerset gardens to the Tower’

Thomas Bowles (1712-1767)-‘a view of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea and the Rotunda in Ranelaigh gardens’-1751

Thomas Bowles (1712-1767)-‘a general view of the city of London and the river Thames’

Thomas Bowles (1712-1767)-‘the North West Prospect of St Paul Cathedral in London’

Thomas Bowles (1712-1767)-‘the inside view of the Royal Exchange at London’-ca 1750

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