Volcanoes by Pietro Fabris

The Italian Pietro Fabris (active 1740-1792) was at the service of  William Hamilton, a British ambassador in Naples from 1764 to 1800. [William Hamilton; Campi Phlegraei, Neapel (1776-1779)]

O italiano Pietro Fabris (active 1740-1792) esteve ao serviço de William Hamilton, embaixador britânico em Nápoles de 1764 a 1800. [William Hamilton; Campi phlegraei, Neapel (1776-1779)]

Pietro Fabris (active 1740-1792)-‘view of the great eruption of Vesuvius from the Mole of Naples in the night of the 20th of October 1767’-plate VI

Pietro Fabris (active 1740-1792)-‘in a night view of 11th May 1711, Hamilton escorting the Sicilian Majesties to a part of Vesuvius’-plate XXXVIII

Pietro Fabris (active 1740-1792)-‘the eruption of 23rd December 1760- 8th January 1761’-plate XII

Pietro Fabris (active 1740-1792)-‘Hamilton at the crater of Forum Vulcani (Solfatara) examining the sulphur and arsenic that emerged’-plate XXV

Pietro Fabris (active 1740-1792)-‘the volcanic composition of the strata of rock and soil at Peperino Quarries’-plate XL

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