Jason and Medea

Medea, a terribly fascinating character because of her cruelty and courage, accompanied Jason and other adventurers in the search of the Golden Fleece.

Medeia, personagem terrivelmente fascinante pela sua crueldade e coragem, acompanhou Jasão e outros aventureiros na busca do velo de ouro.

Giovanni Battista Crosato (1697-1756)-‘Jason and Medea charming the sleepless dragon of golden fleece’-oil on canvas

Jean François de Troy (1679-1752)-‘Jason swearing eternal affection to Medea (Ovid; Metamorphoses, VII)’-(1742-1743)    London-National Gallery

Carle van Loo (1705-1765)-‘Jason and Medea’-oil on canvas-1759    Rennes-Musée des Beaux-Arts

Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione (1609-1664)-‘Medea’-oil on canvas    Private collection

John William Waterhouse (1849-1017)-‘Jason and Medea’-oil on canvas-1907    Private collection

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