Americans by Charles Deas

The Americans in Charles Deas (1818-1867) paintings are natives, settlers, troops, people who travel to search for other places.

Os americanos de Charles Deas (1818-1867) são nativos, colonos, tropas, pessoas que se deslocam à procura de outros locais.

Charles Deas (1818-1867)-‘Winnebagos playing checkers’-oil on canvas-1842    Private collection

Charles Deas (1818-1867)-‘Indian group’-oil on canvas-1845    Fort Worth (Tx)-Amon Carter Museum of American Art  

Charles Deas (1818-1867)-‘Sioux playing ball’-oil on canvas-1843    Tulsa-Gilcrease Museum  

Charles Deas (1818-1867)-‘Dragoons crossing the river’-oil on canvas-1844    Private collection

Charles Deas (1818-1867)-‘the voyagers’-oil on canvas-1845    Denver-American Museum of Western Art      

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