Sorrento by John ‘Warwick’ Smith

The Scotsman John 'Warwick' Smith (1749-1831) received from George Greville (1746-1816), 2nd Earl of Warwick, a sponsorship which allowed him to travel to Italy (1778-1781). The watercolours he painted were integrated in the album “Selected views in Italy” (1792-1796).

O escocês John ‘Warwick’ Smith (1749-1831) recebeu de George Greville (1746-1816), 2.º conde de Warwick, o patrocínio que lhe permitiu viajar por Itália (1778-1781). As aguarelas que pintou integraram o álbum ‘Selected views in Italy’ (1792-1796).

John ‘Warwick’ Smith (1749-1831)-‘a convent at Sorrentum’-watercolour on paper-1778

John ‘Warwick’ Smith (1749-1831)-‘near Sorrento’-watercolour on paper-(1778-1779)

John ‘Warwick’ Smith (1749-1831)-‘coast of Sorrento’-watercolour and gouache on paper-(1778-1779)

John ‘Warwick’ Smith (1749-1831)-‘near Sorrento 2’-watercolour on paper-(1778-1779)

John ‘Warwick’ Smith (1749-1831)-‘ )-‘coast of Sorrento 2’-watercolour over graphite on paper-(1778-1779)    New Haven (Conn.)-Yale Center for British Art

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