Bygone scenes by Thomas Faed

The British Thomas Faed (1826-1900) was concerned with many social motifs where children were present.

O britânico Thomas Faed (1826-1900) preocupou-se com diversos temas sociais onde as crianças estavam presentes.

Thomas Faed (1826-1900)-‘home and homeless’-oil on canvas-1856    Edinburgh- National Gallery of Scotland

Thomas Faed (1826-1900)-‘Sunday in the Backwoods’-oil on canvas-1858    Wolverhampton (UK)-Art Gallery

Thomas Faed (1826-1900)-‘the end of a happy day’-oil on canvas

Thomas Faed (1826-1900)-‘when the day is done’-oil on canvas-1870    Edinburgh-Royal Scottish Academy

Thomas Faed (1826-1900)-‘visit of patron and patroness to the village school’-oil on board-1852    Dundee City (UK)-Art Galleries and Museums

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