Around the World by Carl Wuttke

The German artist Carl Wuttke (1849-1927) used little-known themes from different continents.

O germânico Carl Wuttke (1849-1927) utilizou temas de locais pouco conhecidos de vários continentes.

Carl Wuttke (1849-1927)-‘the temple of the Karnak’-oil on canvas-1911

Carl Wuttke (1849-1927)-‘Tsingtao. View of the roadstead in the bay of Jiaozhon on the roofs of the city’

Carl Wuttke (1849-1927)-‘southern town with views of the Mediterranean’-oil on canvas

Carl Wuttke (1849-1927)-‘Mormon temple’-1893

Carl Wuttke (1849-1927)-‘the pyramids at dusk’-oil on canvas-1907

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