Jupiter and Antiope

Among the several Greek mythological figures named Antiope, Jupiter had a relationship with the mortal character with whom he had children.

Das várias personalidades mitológicas gregas com o nome de Antíope, Júpiter ligou-se à mortal de quem teve filhos.

Frans Anton Mulbertsch (1724-1796)-‘Jupiter and Antiope’-oil on canvas (design for a Dome fresco)    Wien-Österreichische Barockmuseum (unteres Belvedere)

Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665)-‘Jupiter and Antiope or Venus and Satyr’-oil on canvas

Charles-André van Loo (1705-1765)-‘Jupiter and Antiope’

Anthony van Dick (1599-1641)-‘Jupiter and Antiope’ oil on canvas-ca 1620    Ghent-Museum voor Schone Kunste

Cornelis van Poelenburgh (ca 1494-1567)-‘Jupiter and Antiope’-oil on panel

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