Hawkers by Fritz Beinke

The German artist Fritz Beinke (1842-1907) painted themes related to hawkers who went through fairs and villages.

O germânico Fritz Beinke (1842-1907) pintou temas relacionados com os vendedores ambulantes que percorriam feiras e aldeias.

Fritz Beinke (1842-1907)-‘the salesman in the village’-oil on canvas-1884    Private collection

Fritz Beinke (1842-1907)-‘at the Cologne fair’-oil on canvas    Private collection

Fritz Beinke (1842-1907)-‘the toy seller’-oil on -oil on canvas    Private collection

Fritz Beinke (1842-1907)-‘the toy seller in the country’-oil on wood    Private collection

Fritz Beinke (1842-1907)-‘the toymaker of Nuremberg’-oil on canvas-1882

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